Jaeger og Retro pres: Marcel Dettmann



Marcel Dettmann returns for his annual visit to Jæger for Daniel Gude’s Retro. Every year is a different experience from the last.  in 2018 Dettmann took us to the roots of Techno with a selection of edits and remixes, updating the sounds from his youth in Berlin, where acts like Front 242 and Cabaret Voltaire lived side by side in a contemporary sound aesthetic. A fluid figure in the larger Techno cannon, no two Marcel Dettmann sets are alike, but his dominance in that field still remains unchallenged. It’s the fusion of the past, present and the future that brings Dettmann back to DJ Nuhhh’s Retro, bringing only the best in Techno and House to our weekly residency.

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Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann has been a selfless facilitator of Techno since his teens. When his hometown, the former GDR, a small suburb outside of Berlin, lacked the facilities to buy and sell records, he took it upon himself to distribute his favourite records from the likes of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Front 242 and a wave of post punk industrial cuts that influenced him at the time. It was obvious he was destined for greater things, something that would combine his love for the records, nightlife and his ear for music, and that point came when a job for Hardwax and a residency at Ostgut (Berghain’s predecessor) encouraged Dettmann to move to Berlin and sealed his fate. It coincided with a time when Techno, always the musical underdog, saw a newfound interest in the genre facilitated by the likes of Marcel Dettman and Berghain.

Following releases on Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label, Dettman would also go on to establish MDR (Marcel Dettmann Records), tirelessly working towards promoting a sound of Techno that would be raw, but not crass, channelled through a German sensibility for the sound as influenced by the Dettmann’s exquisite ear for music and his post punk industrial influences from his youth.



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